In terms of manufacturing I found that it would be difficult for a all-in-one piece flip lid. This lead me to thinking it would be more efficient to have the profile clip be seperate to the actual flip.

This would also mean that the flip lid could be universal to all the spouting profiles and a profile specific clip could be created to then be attached. This would also mean that if one of the parts broke and needed replacement that it would be easier to replace as only the damaged area would need to be removed.

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Following from the previous discussion with Scott and Neil from Marley, I have been looking at how to create a clip that will sturdily attached to the gutter profile and not slide on like my previous prototypes. Finding a balance between a tolerances that will allow a ben large enough for the clip to latch onto the spouting with out having it loose, fall off or cause the flip lid to fall out of position has been a challenge.

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Following from the discussion with Scott and Neil. I started to look into how the lid could sturdily attach to the profile ‘rail’.

  • The clip would need to ensure that the two parts were together very well so that they do not seperate after a short time or in bad weather.
  • Still need to be easily separated if one of the two parts were broken or cleaned.
  • Overall design of the flip lid needs to stay subtle and sleek – clip can not be a chunky function with taking away from the overall visual value.
  • Can not interfere with the hinge mechanism.

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