After todays presentation, although the project is now over I do have further thoughts on how the flip lip can be further improved.


  • Material choice – A rubber or softer material that would decrease any rattling sound the gutter and lid could make in windy situations. It would also give more grip to the gutter, sitting more securely.
  • Bristles or finer wiring through the perforated holes to further stop leaves getting to the gutter.
  • No lip – Just a hook catch that can connect to the top of the lid, while it sits on the roof. Minimising the visual impact of the lid to the profile of the gutter.
  • Including biodegradable rubbish bags with hook catch to make the everything that is collected including the bag ready of compost.


I feel like these are all valid points that really could make the flip lid a better solution to the gutter maintenance and a cleaning solution.


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