For the manual flip lid I want also to solve the issue of disposing the dirty leaves once they have been collected. If I could include a way to attached a rubbish bag within the hook then instead of the rubbish just moving from the roof to the ground they can be separated away into a rubbish bag ready to be thrown in the bin or compost. I wanted the opening end to be wider and the same length as the flip lid in order to capture everything, by narrowing down towards the end force the leaves to filter down into the rubbish bag. I thought it was important of the hook to be compatible with a existing born handle as it would been that it is less equipment for the user to buy.

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I also looked into having added clips in the hook to ensure that with weight (once the rubbish bag start to get full. The rubbish bag would stay connected to the flip lid and drop from broom. This would most likely be added separately in the manufacturing process as injection moulding may not allow for all moving part to be formed correctly.

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