In terms of manufacturing I found that it would be difficult for a all-in-one piece flip lid. This lead me to thinking it would be more efficient to have the profile clip be seperate to the actual flip.

This would also mean that the flip lid could be universal to all the spouting profiles and a profile specific clip could be created to then be attached. This would also mean that if one of the parts broke and needed replacement that it would be easier to replace as only the damaged area would need to be removed.

I firstly liked into a clip solution where the lid could be clicked into place by  a mechanism that would secure it to the gutter. But I found that this was too weak and would snap after the first few times of use. There was also a limitation of size as when I made the clip larger, it meant that the hinge mechanism and thickness also need to be greater in order for the clip to be printed onto it. Which effected the form and altered the profile to something that I thought was too robust and obvious. I wanted something sleek, minimal and subtle.

Other mechanisms would need to involved in order for stability. I started looking into both parts having to be bolted to each other. This meant that it would be easy to assemble and a steel bolt would ensure strength holding both parts together.

This solution did affect the overall height of the flip lid, it was not as close to the gutter as I’d like it to be. But if i made the bolted area to close to the other parts it would risk the interruption within the movement of the hinge and the space where the lid were to flip. It would also make it very clumsy when trying to assemble the parts together as it the space would be very tight for a screwdriver or tool.


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