After touching base with Scott and Neil for the second time and the class discussion around retrofitting, I saw that even the my current prototypes were securely attached to the gutter, once the gutter was attached tot the house the flip lid would not be able to be removed. Both a good and bad thing. But it does stop easy replacement of the flip lid if it were to break, need cleaning and replacement.

So I needed to create a solution that would still ensure the security of the lid to the gutter but also could be removed.

I started to prototype several different clips in a shape that would ‘hug’ the side front side of the storm cloud gutter. It was a trial and error process where I needed to see what would sit tight enough to be secure and stay in place but had enough tolerance for the clip to be removed and attached. I also had variations of length, too short (like my first few) meant they were prone to falling of the lip. However too long and it was to hard to attach to clip to the gutter at all. Some of the allowances between print and gutter needed to be experiment with and ultimately varied from 0.15 – 0.3mm of space to allow for everything to be attached.


There would be different clips for each profile type.



After a conversation with Oliver, he mentioned that if I further seperated the bolt join as its own piece it would mean that a large remaining bracket rail could be extruded instead of injected moulded. Therefore making it easier to manufacture.

I then came up with a slide in clip that had the bolt join but also had a 2mm slot to fit in the bracket rail. The bolt rail would slide clip on each ends of the 450mm lid.




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