I wanted to create a hook for the manual flip lid that would also catch and collect the dirty leaves, possibly straight into a rubbish bag. Making the cleaning process simple and quick. Aiming that anyone could do it instead of gutter cleaning and maintenance to be something you have to hire someone to do or have a ‘DIY’ able person to do it.


I looked at the shape of broom and shovels, particularly the shovel for shape and edges it has to collect rubbish. I also needed to know the angle that the hook need to be on to successfully latch on the manual hook that would be on a parallel slop to a roof angle. How the hook would interact with the manual flip and how will this be for a person that may be three metres below the gutter. I wanted to make sure that the form of the hook would also ensure that someone is not directly user the manual flip just in case there was a breeze or overflow causing for loose dubri to fall.



  • How was a rubbish bag going to be attached? If attached a clips, how will is affect the shape and size if the hook?
  • DIMENSION: If the flip lids were going to fit within eternal brackets (500mm approx.), so about 450mm to allow for the expanding and contracting if the spouting, it would mean that the hooks would need to be the same size to be able to catch and collect all the rubbish.
  • Attachable to broom/paint roller – is this suitable? What is the standard size of a broom or paint roller?
  • What size rubbish bags would fit? the dimensions influence the size of the hole within the hook.


  • Space for rubbish bag clips, maybe holes needed for the clip to be bolted/screwed to.
  • Angle to sharp – top being to narrow compared to bottom. Top may even need to be wider to capture as much leaves to minimise loose fall out.




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