Following from the previous discussion with Scott and Neil from Marley, I have been looking at how to create a clip that will sturdily attached to the gutter profile and not slide on like my previous prototypes. Finding a balance between a tolerances that will allow a ben large enough for the clip to latch onto the spouting with out having it loose, fall off or cause the flip lid to fall out of position has been a challenge.

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I began printing different variations of a clip suitable for storm cloud. I looked at the profile of the other gutter type but decided to focus on Stormcloud as Scott and Neil have said that it is by far the most poplar profile for residential houses, and everyday people are that group I am targeting.

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A difference of a mm here and there can effect how the attachment clips on and how secure it is when has been attached. In my first round of prints I found that the clip needed to be much longer in order to securing sit, the longer back would mean that it will have the side of the spouting to be secure again in wind and wear and tear.


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