The second time Scott and Neil visited studio, I shared the two working flip lids both weight dependant and manual, as well as two concept hooks that would go along with the manual flip lid.

I explained how I planned on making the hook attachments hook as well as capture the rubbish.

There response was positive but after our conversation an improvement would be ┬áthat if the lid and gutter ‘rail’ attachment could be seperate it would be easier for manufacturing. As the surface lid part is universal for all four types of gutter profiles they have. But gutter clip is specific to each profile type. Also currently the flip lids were sliding onto the Stromcloud profile which meant that it could not be retrofitted to existing spouting systems without expert installation.

These edits are really important, my idea is directed to people who wouldn’t usually think to clean or take care of their gutters, so ensuring that it is not only easy to use but easy to install and fix is imperative.


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