In the perspective of a not-so-outdoorsy female, the idea of cleaning my gutter without having to actually touch any dirty water or leaves, makes the idea of cleaning my gutter something I may realistically consider instead ignore. Cutting out the use of a clunky, heavy ladder is even better especially safety wise.

The manual flip which would be ideal for areas with more foot traffic it would need to have a tool accessory that would make create the flip instead of it being weight dependant. If the user could do flip the lid and ’empty’ the gutter from the ground instead of moving a ladder constantly around and climbing again and again. This could be more appealing to those that wouldn’t usually clean a gutter. (Like myself)

A broom or paint roller is something that most households would have. If the attachment could screw on it, the user could just stand from the ground and flip the lid manually when needed.

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I printed a few quick prototypes that would give me the right idea of how it would flip the lid. What angle the hook needed to be on and how large the hook needed to be. I quickly realised that the hook needed to be much wider to be able to sturdily hook onto the lid that full scale may end up being nearing three times larger then my printed flip prototypes (150mm vs 400mm). This user would also be trying to latch onto something that could be well over 3 metres above them.

There is also a opportunity here to not only ‘clean’ the spouting and remove unwanted dubri but have it fall into a rubbish bag. Instead of just moving the unwanted mess from the roof/gutter to the ground, a hook that could also collect the dubri would mean the user would not need to come close to the dirty rubbish at all. Essentially hook, flip and collect straight into a rubbish bag.


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