Aside from how the form of the flip lid will affect the profile of the spouting. The mechanism and function of the flip lid is the most important feature. I really need to explore the best way for the add on to work.

I want everything to remain as subtle and slick as possible, which means it can not be too bulky. If there are massive mechanisms on the flip lid it will stick out visually all along the house.

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I need the hinge to be discreet yet still fully function and be ideal to function through out many seasons of wet weather. This feature will be apart of both the automatic flip lid that adjust depending on rainwater collection and weight, as well as the manual flip lid.

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For both of these prints I decided to create a different size of perforated holes to test and compare.

Both of these are designed for Stormcloud as it is currently the most popular gutter profile in Marley’s range.


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