In order for the flip lid to be successful it must be ale to seperate leaves and water. Before it can do anything it else it needs to be able to constantly seperate water to where it needs to be and leaves to where it can not be.

I experimented with variations of perforated holes in 3D printing. I made variations in hole size and distance in separation. I needed to know what would give a good balance between ensuring that the gutter would maintain free from blockage, but water was still being continuously accessed to the spouting.

For the automatic flip lid I also experimented with variations of the lip and overhang. seeing how larger or smaller overhangs effected the sitting position against the gutter. The overhang of the lip had to be an even weight to the gutter lid as if it was too heavy then the gutter would be flipping constantly and may not shut close often enough to top leaves but if the overhang lip was too light then it would take a more collection of water to force the flip and if the lid was full or had heavier foliage it would struggle to flip. There was a fine balance needed for this idea to work well.


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