Initially I was not too sure where to start. The many regulations and factors that I had been informed, researched and sketched made it hard to decide on shape and depth of the flip lid.

I started with Typhoon as it is the most symmetrical spouting profile. The curves and details on Typhoon that would choose how where the lid would need to sit. Where the perforated holes would need to start and end and collector, overhang would be.

Once printed, I found out that it also fit with storm cloud well, which is important as it is the most popular spouting profile.

Aesthetically I was not happy with this. I did not represent the sleek, subtle add-on to the spouting profiles. But this did give me a good basis in terms of fitting with the spouting edges.

I started to think about how someone would use and see this spouting feature along housing.

Where would it be suitable?

Self tipping and cleaning is only ideal for areas that don’t have a lot of foot traffic around the property. It would not be ideal for door ways or decks that have people walking under and around the tipping zone, it’s all harmless fun to have a tipping water bucket at the wave pools but not when it is dirty water filled with leaves. But sides along houses that do not have this could cater and self clean this area. Also areas that may be more likely to dubri from a nearby tree would be wise to have a feature like this.

What is suitable for doorways and decks?

Creating a more controlled version, where the user can choose when they want to ’empty’ a spouting section would be better suited for areas with more foot traffic. This could for the whole house depending on what the home owner may want.


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