Currently rain water is collected by a spouting system from the roof and down the down pipe and into the drain, out to the public water piping system (water care). Which is a paid process from home owners. Water that is then coming through house pluming pipes and taps is also a paid process from home owners. So essentially people are paying twice – paying for their rain water to be taken away and again for tap water to be brought in. Water tanks are not uncommon in rural areas but are less common in urban areas. In my own street every time that is rains for a long period (5 hours or so) the street drain immensely over flow, due to excess amount of rainwater being collected. If water tanks were more common then this would solve this issue of large pounds on streets as well as allowing for rainwater to be directly available and used within peoples homes.

But I still feel like there is opportunity for houses to be more sustainable and self efficient. Water has to travel downwards through the water pipe to exit the spouting system whether it be then in a water tank or down the drain.



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