There are several limitations and requirements in the area where the spouting, roof and exterior house wall all interact with one another. Spouting must sit close under to the exterior wall and directly under the roof over hang, approximately 10-15mm from the roof. The roof overhangs 45 – 60mm, covering a part if the gutter, allowing water and leaves to openly enter without added protection.


I want to make a solution that is as subtle as possible not interfering with the profile of the spouting, roofline or shape of the house. I spoke to a few builders and roofers who said that the angle of roofs varies from 15 – 30 degrees depending on style and age of the house. Older houses tend to have steeper roof lines compared to newer homes. I thought that if the form of the attachment was within the margin then it would be roughly parallel to the roof line and stay in line with the linear look of many exterior house. I also thought that by having the lid sit on top of the roof this would ensure that it would be aligned with it no matter what variation of angle it would be. By having it overlap the end of the overhanging roof would also mean that more water coming directly off the roof into the gutter easily but also leaves would be stopped immediately.


I am designing the flip lid at full size to be 450mm long, as the external brackets within storm cloud are every 500mm apart from one another. This means that they can sit in between with allowance room for expanding and contracting in sunlight and change of temperature. Because the flip lid will be in sections means that you can select where about along the house you can install the lid. Home owners may not want it along their whole house but instead may prefer to have it where a tree or peak leaves gather.


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