After our site visit at Marley, it seemed clear from Scott and Neil that their customers biggest concern was with leaves and dubri cluttering up gutters. This lead to needing to hire someone or get up to the roof line yourself to manually clean and empty it seasonally. Dirty and blocked gutters also created other issues as it can cause the gutter bracket to break if too heavy and unable water to travel through the down pipe and be collected if there was a water tank.

There is an opportunity for a self cleaning/emptying gutter or accessory which would prevent someone from needing to climb up to the roof and manually empty it.

I started to think about mechanisms and objects that can move without any power. Tipping water buckets seen in parks or wave pools fill up and then at a certain weight tip and empty, then move back to its original position to be filled once again and so on.

tipping water bucketIMG_7016

One side will act like a lid to the gutter, it will have holes through out to allow water to go through the gutter and leaves to remain on the lid. The other side have a bit of depth to allow for water and leaves to be collected. Like a see saw, once the water and leave collection side reaches a certain weight it will flip over about 90 degrees, emptying out both sides, including the ‘lid’. When emptied it will fall back on the gutter like a lid and its original position, until it reaches the right weight again to flip.


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