The influence of english dominance through the moray indigenous culture.

  • Positive and negative effects, discouragement of working and living in numbers. Maori communities and wider families tend to travel together, work and live together. It is not unusual to have wider, extended family act and live like immediate family. This is something that is unusual in European and colonial living.
  • Alteration of traditional Maori design and techniques to suit New Zealand climate. Fused with western elements and design and techniques to improve and with stand natural elements. Similar to how pacific houses is adapted to suit the weather, traditional falas are essential houses a roof and exposed structural beams and no walls to allowing for cold air and winds to fully ventilated the house.

  • In these cases designers have looked at what they know form their own cultural background and the context of wester within the are they are living to create a well suited home that is adaptable to the different weather. New Zealand is an island, housing and design is effected by the suited design.

Learn and understand the past, which will influence choices made today which will shape the future outcomes and decisions. Understanding what went wrong what went right not just within your own experiences, in designing and out of design, as well as looking at what others have done right or wrong in the past will help to make informed and insightful solutions.

Redesign + Retro fit = Improving a devious idea or situation.

How are we looking at designs? Who is this impacting?

Example: Maori people with disabilities acesss to housing

  • Wheelchair limits to where is can go. No stairs, limitations to how high is can climb/roll up.
  • How to get people with dementia to not wonder away of forget where they are going?
  • People who are blind or deaf. Their interactions throughout a home, how much can they do for themselves?
  • How would Maori men with physical disabilities be able to stay to participate in active situations? (Hangi, outdoor work etc)
  • How would Maori women with physical disables be able to participate with their growing children? (Carrying them, feeding them, putting them into bed etc)

Maori people have a string sense of family and being an active member within the family. To some whanua may been extended family and friends but to Maori people whanua is family including friends and wider family, they are one in the same and prioritised as the same. There is no difference between family and whanua. To New Zealanders that are familiar with this word may share a different meaning of it.

I know that in pacific culture it is exactly the same. I was bought up with a s wrong sense of loyalty to your family and that word family may not just include your immediate family. Extended family and friends are just as important and included.



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